With so many options available when it comes to carpet, choosing a new floor covering for your home can be confusing! Colours, textures, fibres, weaves and pile lengths, there really is a different kind of carpet for all circumstances. If you’re redecorating, giving a room a facelift or simply replacing an old or worn carpet, follow our tips for finding the perfect carpet to suit your needs:

1. Location, location, location!

Carpets are designed for various different purposes, and you’ll need to think about where and how your carpet will be used to get a good idea of what style you should be looking for. A tranquil and luxurious master bedroom, for example, will require a very different floor covering to, say, an entrance hall or staircase. Generally, the higher the footfall, the more hardwearing your carpet should be. Opt for a densely woven texture with a twist pile or a Berber carpet for extra durability. If you’re looking for a softer feel underfoot, a deep pile such as a Saxony carpet provides a cushioned and comfortable experience.

2. Do your research

If possible look at and feel a range of different carpet types so you can get an idea of the different qualities of each. Even if you plan to purchase your carpet online, you can still order samples of various options before making your final decision. When looking at carpet samples, try to look past the colour and pattern and also notice how the carpet feels. Think about the requirements of cleaning and caring for particular kinds of carpets, and what would fit in best with your home and lifestyle. For a quick summary of the various different carpet styles available and how they are used, check out the guide at the end of this article.

3. Decide on a budget

A new carpet doesn’t have to cost a fortune! While there are some very lovely and expensive brands around, it’s possible to find high quality carpet at a fraction of the price by shopping around and looking at online retailers.  To get a cheap carpet, buying carpet remnants or roll ends is a great idea if you’re redecorating a smaller room. If you need a discount carpet, Big Warehouse Sale offers free delivery, free samples and a price matching promise, which can add up to significant savings compared to shopping on the high street.

4. Don’t forget underlay

A good quality underlay will prolong the life of your carpet, prevent it from flattening and keep it looking like new for longer. There are various different thicknesses available. In general it’s recommended to get the best underlay you can afford, as it will really make a difference to your carpet, as well as heat and sound insulation in your home.

5. Colours and patterns

Choosing the colour or pattern for your new carpet really is a matter of taste. Many people decide to opt for neutral colours, particularly in busy rooms, where a patterned carpet could cause a cluttered appearance. Dark colours can make a room feel warm, cosy and inviting, whereas lighter colours have a clean and airy feel to them, and can give the illusion of a larger room. If you’re planning to make a statement with your choice of carpet, a bright, bold pattern is one way to do it! Bear in mind your furniture and other room décor, and try to visualise your carpet in place before making a final decision.

Carpet Materials

Wool A luxurious option. Warm, hard-wearing and easy to clean
Nylon Durable, stain resistant, not affected by moisture
Polyester Cheaper than nylon and not as durable, but still easy to clean and stain free
Polypropylene Often used as a cheaper alternative to wool. Stain resistant with good colour fastness.

Carpet Styles

Twist A textured effect, creating a handwearing carpet perfect for young families.
Saxony Deep pile cut carpet with a long and luxurious feel.
Loop Pile Soft yet practical. Choose from level loops or multiple heights for added texture.
Berber Available as a cut or looped carpet, with a distinctive flecked effect. A dense, hardwearing carpet.
Cut and Loop A blend of cut carpet and looped fibres to create patterns.
Velvet Tightly packed fibres with a smooth finish. A cosy and comfortable choice.